• Industry Application and Processes
  • Industry waste discharge water treatment
  • Waste oil reprocessing industry
  • Explosives manufacturing waste water treatment
  • Dissolved salts separation and removal
  • Mine impacted water treatment (AMD)
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  • Crude Oil Refineries
Industry Application and Processes8 Industry waste discharge water treatment1 Waste oil reprocessing industry2 Explosives manufacturing waste water treatment3 Dissolved salts separation and removal4 Mine impacted water treatment (AMD)5 Mineral extraction (Hydro metallurgical)6 Crude Oil Refineries7
About Abrimix

Under the ownership and management of Pieter Jansen, Abrimix markets a unique patented technology that has been thoroughly researched and developed to provide respective clients with an affordable, efficient and cost effective water treatment process (whether waste water, processed water or raw water). Abrimix is able to develop, design, build and install tailor made treatment process for specific waste water incorporating the Abrimix technology in providing Abrimix process benefits to the client.

As a result of the successes achieved in the various fields of technology applications, Abrimix is now active and represented in North America, Canada, South America, Europe, United Kingdom as well as within countries throughout Africa.

Pieter Jansen has over 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry, initially qualified as a metallurgist with Gencor. He worked for various water treatment companies where he progressed internally and over time was eventually managing the water treatment divisions.

He then left the water treatment field and got involved in technology when it became obvious that the water industry required more innovative and effective treatment technology. He then developed and patented the Abrimix marketed technology known as Reaction Enhancing Technology. For the last 14 years he has developed associated equipment to improve on the benefits and results achieved with the utilisation of the reaction enhancing technology. He is currently investigating the utilisation of this technology within various other potential applications.