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Industry Application and Processes8 Industry waste discharge water treatment1 Waste oil reprocessing industry2 Explosives manufacturing waste water treatment3 Dissolved salts separation and removal4 Mine impacted water treatment (AMD)5 Mineral extraction (Hydro metallurgical)6 Crude Oil Refineries7
Mobile Treatment Plant

Abrimix has built and makes available to its prospective clients its mobile process confirmation plant to enable the client to directly observe and verify the claimed Abrimix results achievable with its process. This will provide the client with some comfort that the Abrimix proposed plant will deliver the results required by the client on his current existing waste discharge water.

  • The client will be able to take samples to be sent in for analysis to confirm and verify the treated water achieved
  • The client will be able to observe for himself the quality of the solids generated as claimed by Abrimix to be moisture reduced for easy handling or as required by the client.
  • The client will be able to observe while the plant is in operation , the manner in which it is able to deal with continually changing water discharge quality form the process plant in attaining the required treated discharge water quality.

The ability to operate the mobile confirmation treatment plant over a number of days will also provide the client with the knowledge that the technology is able to produce the results required on a continual, consistent basis for the duration of the period of operation where the process can show its ability to operate with variable water quality discharges.

This is the case of, “try the Abrimix process before you invest in procuring an Abrimix plant”