• Industry Application and Processes
  • Industry waste discharge water treatment
  • Waste oil reprocessing industry
  • Explosives manufacturing waste water treatment
  • Dissolved salts separation and removal
  • Mine impacted water treatment (AMD)
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  • Crude Oil Refineries
Industry Application and Processes8 Industry waste discharge water treatment1 Waste oil reprocessing industry2 Explosives manufacturing waste water treatment3 Dissolved salts separation and removal4 Mine impacted water treatment (AMD)5 Mineral extraction (Hydro metallurgical)6 Crude Oil Refineries7
Abrimix Chemical Reagent Supply

Abrimix has the in-house ability to identify, source and procure the required raw materials to formulate client specific treatment products. This to further assist the Abrimix treatment plant achieve the necessary benefits in maintaining cost effective operation of the plant. Abrimix has identified products that work and have managed to formulate improvements of the working products to increase their effectiveness in the treatment of the clients waste water.

The formulation of products specifically developed for a client’s application has shown to provide significant benefits for the client. By supplying the required tailor made treatment products for the Abrimix operating process,  Abrimix is able to constantly improve the performance of the clients plant operation with products that are regularly evaluated against newly identified treatment products.

“The solution to process inefficiencies and excessive operating costs”