• Industry Application and Processes
  • Industry waste discharge water treatment
  • Waste oil reprocessing industry
  • Explosives manufacturing waste water treatment
  • Dissolved salts separation and removal
  • Mine impacted water treatment (AMD)
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  • Crude Oil Refineries
Industry Application and Processes8 Industry waste discharge water treatment1 Waste oil reprocessing industry2 Explosives manufacturing waste water treatment3 Dissolved salts separation and removal4 Mine impacted water treatment (AMD)5 Mineral extraction (Hydro metallurgical)6 Crude Oil Refineries7
Ongoing Development

Abrimix has ongoing R&D programs to identify methods of improving the technology performance and the treatment process systems for the applications into which it is implemented. This is done in conjunction with the development and improvement of complimentary equipment to achieve the required treatment result more effectively and consistently.

Abrimix technology application expansion
Abrimix is continually identifying and investigating new applications where the Abrimix technology could excel in by providing unrivaled benefits for its clients in the implementation of its technology and treatment processes.

Such as in:

 - Gas scrubbing
 - Electrolyte solution cleaning
 - Fracking water treatment
 - Oil sands treatment